Nike Footwear – Wear Nike and Feel the Difference

Nike has been a brand which has crossed the realms of fame through a myriad collection of products. This brand has been one which is recognised all over the world by people who reside in ghettos to high rise pent houses.

Nike footwear caters to the requirements of an ordinary person, an athlete, a damsel and even a toddler. Its customer oriented way of doing business has brought in rewards in the form of a global customer base and soaring profits worldwide.

The product groups of this company differ from country to country and also in terms of different types of sports. If one is to take an example of the Indian subcontinent, then Nike maintains three types of product groups in this region, which are


However, this company also harvests all the benefits of each and every technology that is present. Hence, it has another product group known as Nike+.

One of the examples of this urge to harvest all the latest technologies that are there would be the combination of Nike shoe plus a sports band. This particular combination is meant exclusively for athletic purposes like running and measuring things like:

1.The distance that the person has run
2.The calories spent
3.The heartbeat during the length of the jog etc.

The sports band is worn around the wrist and it has a device, which stores all the information of the categories mentioned in the above list. The person using this device can then hook it up to a computer and get an idea about the results of his workout routine.

Another example of the Nike+ product category would be the usage of Nike shoes with an iPod. The system is again the same with a device getting fitted in the shoes, however, the iPod has to be hooked up with a receiver. Then the person who would be using this iPod would be able to witness elements like:

1.Calories burned
2.Distance covered etc.

He would be able to do all this while listening to tracks on his iPod. The marketing strategy of Nike in the Indian subcontinent rests upon the implementation of brand ambassadors and also on creating advertisements featuring many well known cricket celebrities of India.

Nike footwear as a result of its unique product group has managed to rope in a wonderful customer base in India, apart from doing a wonderful business. The Indian customer is quite content with this brand and normally prefers it while buying a pair of shoes.

The places from where one can buy Nike shoes have changed over the years. Shops and showrooms now have amidst their fray, a new entry in the form of a shopping website.

Online shopping in India is quite a new concept but it is also one, which is catching the attention of the customers in a fascinating manner. The rate at, which shopping websites have seen an increase in their traffic in the recent years is testament to this fact.

Almost all products that are sold in shops, showrooms, retail outlets are sold on shopping websites. The online platform is becoming quite a splendid platform for sales and this has been realised now by all the major manufacturing companies including Nike. Regardless, of the product category, all companies have started using this online platform for bringing in an impressive amount of sales revenue.

Nike footwear is, therefore, making its presence felt on the online platform with many shoes having the brand name Nike selling in gargantuan numbers on a variety of shopping websites.

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The Brief History of Nike Shoes

Nike shoes have various styles and colors. They can be worn by professionals and daily walkers who like to make a fashion statement. You can easily find Nike stores in your area. The Nike swoosh logo has been considered as one of the most recognized company logos in the world now.

This special logo was originally designed in 1971 by a student who studied graphic design at Portland State University. They paid the girl only $35 for the fabulous design but some sources also say that Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, later gave her a diamond ring engraved with the logo she designed as well as an unknown amount of Nike stock. It is interesting that Knight was not very impressed with her work the first time, like what he said, “I don’t love it, but it will grow on me.”

Today, there have been more than 30,000 people employed by Nike around the world. Nike also provides other sports gear besides shoes. The company is under some scrutiny recently for the issues concerned with human rights and poor working environment. Official statistic shows that only in 2008, Nike has made a net income of approximate $1.9 billion dollars. The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. As a matter of fact, like many other famous companies, Nike also had a humble condition at the beginning. All of the original founders are used to be athletes and they have been running it for more than 50 years till now.

In fact, the duo first sold the shoes manufactured by a Japanese factory but in very short time they ended the relationship with the Japanese company in 1971. Afterwards, they started to improve their own line of footwear made mostly for football and decided to call it the name Nike. Soon they developed much more lines of shoes. With the development of technique and management, by 1980, abound 50% of shoes sold in the United States had carried the Nike brand. The headquarters the Nike company still locates in Oregon now and owns several subsidiaries such as Umbro and Converse.

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Top Rated Nike Basketball Shoes

Your rec basketball league has probably already started up. If you are in the market for new shoes, take a look below of the top 5 rated Nike brand basketball shoes, according to Nike.com

1. Kobe IV Men’s Basketball Shoe – Seize the day, if not the moment, in the special edition Kobe IV Men’s Basketball Shoe, inspired by the champion’s carpe diem style of play with the best in cushioning and support.

– Flywire upper for ultra-lightweight support and comfort
– Synthetic leather with injected TPU external heel counter for optimal support
– Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning
– Nike Zoom unit in heel for low-profile, super-responsive cushioning
– Lunar Foam puddled in forefoot for lightweight cushioning
– Flex grooves throughout outsole for high volume traction and flexibility

2. Nike Air Team Trust II Men’s Basketball Shoe – A true team player, the Nike Air Team Trust II Men’s Basketball Shoe has optimal traction and maximum support to make the most out of your footwork.

– Leather and synthetic combination upper for overall support with breathable mesh
– Phylon midsole with Nike-flex technology for maximum flexibility
– Nike Air unit at heel for a comfortable ride
– Herringbone outsole for superior traction

3. Nike Zoom MVP Men’s Basketball Shoe – Go beyond the ordinary in the Nike Zoom MVP Men’s Shoe, with a design inspired by one of the greats, Steve Nash, creating a supportive shoe that falls in between a low-top and high-top.

– Synthetic and leather upper with reinforced stitching
– Mid-foot saddle houses molded forefoot eyestay inspired by Air Max 95
– Dual-density optimal motion midsole with lightweight injected Phylon
– Nike Zoom forefoot unit for low-profile, super-responsive cushioning
– Rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for traction and durability
– Engineered surfacing for higher force deflection
– Free-inspired forefoot

4. Dwyane Wade Team Signature United We Rise Men’s Basketball Shoe – This product is limited to one pair per customer and is excluded from all promotional discounts.

– Rise up for your own medal-winning turn on the hardwoods in the Dwyane Wade Team Signature (USAB) Men’s Basketball Shoe, sporting a red, white and blue color scheme with Beijing-inspired tattoo print.
– Full-grain leather upper with micro-perforations for breathability
– Synthetic overlays with United We Rise tattoo print
– United We Rise emblem on the tongue top
– Double-lasted internal midsole and second lightweight EVA external midsole for stability and shock absorption
– Multi-directional tread pattern for optimal traction on the hardwoods

5. Nike Air Flight Skool Men’s Quickstrike Basketball Shoe – Have your game take off like Kevin Durant’s in the Nike Air Flight Skool Men’s Shoe, a high performance shoe with a lightweight profile for soaring loft and maximum Air-Sole cushioning for a soft landing.

– Breathable, perforated leather upper with toe covering for added durability
– Lightweight Phylon midsole with maximum volume Air-Sole unit in the heel for enhanced comfort
– Rubber outsole is engineered to provide ultimate traction with cored out areas for lighter weight

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A Case for Nike Shoes

There are many reasons to like Nike shoes, but brand recognition is one of the most important considerations for young people. It remains to be seen whether these considerations are indeed reasonable. The bottom line is that it is possible to find perfectly presentable shoes that are not going to cause long term damage to your feet. It is also possible to keep yourself at the highest levels of the fashion stakes with these shoes. There is something casual and yet sophisticated about the Nike brand. Of course within the class you will find some other interesting shoes such as those that come from the Adidas line. It is up to the consumer to get the shoes that best reflect their personality and priorities.

Why do we go for signature shoes?

The idea of the brand and specifically the designer brand has embedded within modern society with such alacrity that it seems impossible that there will ever be another alternative. People just have to accept the fact that we are now defined by brands and labels. On one hand some people consider this to be a social-economic phenomenon that is rooted in the need for the middle class to improve their lot. If you are in the lower middle class category then shoes can raise you to the upper middle class category. Of course the upper middle class really is a step towards the posh people at the top of the ladder. This continuous struggle for recognition has not been lost on the commercial world which is constantly working to ensure that its products broadly reflect the priorities of the customer base.

If you wish to escape your class setting using the Nike brand, then they are more than happy to assist you in this quest. This class distinction is not really clear because the shoes tend to use celebrities who have money but are not necessarily of the upper class. Therefore it is more a question of affluence than social class. Of course at a certain level within the societal structure, wearing snickers is not really the socially acceptable thing. The Queen of England would look rather silly in snickers and yet the vastly more powerful President of the United States of America is capable of wearing them without batting an eyelid. The challenge for the shoe makers is to find the qualities that appeal to members of the public and then ensure that these are part of the advertising campaign for shoes in general.

What about the quality?

In the quest to push brand identity, it is possible to lose the quality of the shoes in question. Nevertheless it is clear that the shoe makers are making efforts towards ensuring that the high prices charged are justified by the quality of the shoes on offer. For example some snickers have been developed with air lifters that increase the comfort levels for people who are in the middle of a bout of exercise. These are the things that complement the great brand recognition that has sustained the industry for a long time.

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Nike Running Shoes Discounts – Why You Should Buy Online

Nike is one of the world’s best designers and manufacturers of sports wear from head to toe. It is the trusted name in providing sporting solutions in all disciplines. From swimming gear to soccer, athletics and all other sports, Nike has a product to satisfy your every sporting need.

Nike running shoes have rich features which include secure midfoot fit, lightweight support, fit and support design, comfort, rubber outsole for durability, specific grooves to support efficient strides, waffle pattern outsoles for good traction and durability and reflective elements for better visibility under low light conditions.

The popularity of the Nike brand is perhaps best exemplified by the countless celebrity athletes who have used Nike shoes over the years. When you buy a Nike shoe therefore, you know you are getting a product that has been tried and trusted. This popularity also makes the shoes pricier than the other less established brands but you could get these great shoes at hugely discounted prices.

Nike running shoes discounts are available to Nike customers who purchase their shoes online. Like other manufacturers, Nike is able to make savings in its distribution and marketing expenses when it uses online stores. For this reason, online stores receive Nike shoes at discounted prices and this saving is passed on to customers through lower prices. Retail stores are therefore not in a position to offer the same prices as online stores.

While there are countless online stores, you should only purchase from trusted stores as there are some who claim to store genuine Nike products but are actually selling counterfeits. You can tell the reliability of an online store from its reputation with past clients and also from online stores reviews.

The easiest way to take advantage of the discounts offered by Nike on its running shoes and other products is to obtain Nike running shoes discount coupons. These coupons are available at a number of online sources which also means that you can obtain yours immediately. The savings that you make with your discount coupons are sometimes quite substantial.

Discounts on Nike running shoes are also available during the holiday seasons. You should therefore keep an eye out for any promotions around the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether you buy your Nike shoe at a discounted price or you are in a hurry and cannot for the seasonal discounts, a Nike shoe is a treasure you will always be happy to possess.

The trusted online store and one where Nike running shoes discounts are always available is 6pm.

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Nike Footwear For Comfort

Desire for shoes with comfort and latest fashion? Think of Nike shoes which is possibly the best in the world of foot wear. The whole body weight is taken by our feet, so our feet deserve to have footwear which gives us immense comfort and satisfaction to wear. There are a series of new stylish shoes in the market. Nike shoes are a combination of glamour and comfort. Nike brand of basketball shoes became very popular with Michel Jordon name. A low profile was given to the sole so that it remains light and weight and stays very much close to the ground.

A maximum number of shoe lovers want shoes which are comfortable and have attractive look, so manufacturers of Nike has given importance to style and comfort. The technology used in making the shoes is very innovative and the colors are very much vibrant. Even shoes for women by Nike have fame as well.

The shoes are very classy and stylish and are available in 65 different color combination’s. It is available around the world at some well known stores. Consumers feel the product to be very much reasonable and satisfied with the product quality maintained. So if in future you are buying shoes for some sports activity and also looking for comfort and style, go for Nike shoes.

Different Footwear Company makes shoes for different class of people. Nike manufactured shoes keeping in mind the sportsperson and now every sports personality name is associated with this brand of shoes. It is very popular among them and its demand has increased tremendously.

You may wonder why Nike shoes are quite apart from others, how it stand the competition of the competitors.The reasons are many why today it is so popular among others and is acceptable worldwide as a number one product. Among the others sportswear competitors Nike has achieved a Niche in the market and has been able to retain its popularity in the market. The reasons why Nike has been able to achieve this are for its- quality, fashion technology used.

At times there are volatile market conditions which affects the business in regard to purchase of raw materials, labor related problems, internal management problems, but the management was very sure of one thing, that quality will never be compromised at any cost, however thing s may change, It was always kept in mind that consumer was buying it for it is giving the desired comfort and they are paying a price or tit. The quality of shoes to be maintained always came first. Just imagine why this quality is being maintained, because without a comfortable pair of shoes you cannot go somewhere and be someone.

Nike has been working relentlessly over the years. To establish themselves as sports footwear number one with up-to-date style changing with times and when required. I am sure that no one can resist the temptation of fashion. Nike never rested on his achievement but on the other hand worked hard on to move forward with quality output footwear. It is not that it caters to only the young people, but it also tries to meet the demands of child and other segments of the market.

This is a century of hi-tech and the technology used by Nike is of the latest one in producing the footwear. It every time works on putting new technology into work so that the color, design, look, everything even the lace are designed to have an w\extra image in the minds of the people using it.

Lastly people around the globe have different interests, taste in using certain types of products but no company can create a thing which can satisfy everyone’s demand, so policy is being adopted where it enables to customize shoes purchased from Nike and at the same time add personal look, a feeling to the selected sportswear.

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Where Can I Find Authentic Nike Air Yeezy’s?

We’ve all got to have sneakers. It’s not only that we’ve all got to have sneakers, but we’ve got to have the right sneakers, you dig? As a man, I know sneakers are the first thing that a woman looks at when she sees me. So what does that mean? I’ve got to be wearing the right sneaker. By “The Right Sneaker” I mean Nike Air Yeezys.

If you know anything about style, you know that individuality compliments style like salt and pepper compliment a buffet table. The Yizzle is individuality in shoe-form. Designed with efforts of Nike creative directory, Mark Smith and with the assistance of multi-platinum, Grammy-winning-artist, Kanye West the sneakers bring the Nike Brand to another plateau.

These kicks come equipped with debossed ankle collar pods for added support and protection, extra-thick sock liners, a forefoot support strap, original functional tension lace loops, and Phylon tooling taken from the original 1987 Nike Air Assault for added performance and comfort-these all meshed with one goal in mind: keeping Kanye on lock down in cushioned comfort during his performances during his many notoriously strenuous artistic live performances.

When they were originally dropped, they were met with heavy bootlegging but a lot of retail locations and collectors across the globe where able to get their hands on the real things. The sneakers to this date can still fetch a around $300-$400 a pair easy.

There is a store online, which delivers authentic footwear to shoe collectors and online shoppers worldwide has the Yeezy’s available at a fair discount, in their genuine form. You would do better to shop with them than any other retailer online if you want truly 100% authentic footwear. I have been able to get over 20 authentic pairs of various shoes from them up to date, each of which I will be reviewing over time. They also allow shoe shoppers looking to make extra cash to send in their Kanye’s (if brand new) to be sold on their site.

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The History of Nike Shoes and Sneakers

Nike shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They are worn by professional athletes as well as everyday folks who just want to make a fashion statement. You can find Nike sneakers at just about store that sells shoes. The famous Nike swoosh logo is probably one of the most recognized company logos of all time and is seen displayed around the world.

The original swoosh logo was originally designed in 1971 by a student studying graphic design at Portland State University. Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 for the famous design but some sources say that the co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight, later bought her a diamond ring engraved with the Nike logo and also an undisclosed amount of Nike stock after she left the company in 1983. It’s interesting to note that Knight originally wasn’t too impressed with Davidson’s work. He said, “I don’t love it, but it will grow on me.”

Nike currently employs more than 30,000 people around the world and makes other sports apparel and equipment besides shoes. Recently the company has been under some scrutiny because of concerns associated with human rights and poor working conditions. It’s estimated that in 2008 the company made a net income of around $1.9 billion dollars. The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory, and like many other successful companies, had a humble beginning. Philip Knight was a track athlete at the University of Oregon and joined up with his coach, Bill Bowerman, in 1964 to sell shoes out of their cars at track meets. At that time they called themselves Blue Ribbon Sports.

Originally, the duo sold shoes developed by a Japanese manufacturer but ended their relationship with the company in 1971. In 1971 they developed their own line of footwear made especially for football and decided to call it Nike. Soon they introduced more lines of shoes. In 1978, they dropped the Blue Ribbon Sports name and by 1980, 50% of shoes sold in the United States carried the Nike brand. The Nike company still has headquarters in Oregon and currently owns several subsidiaries including Umbro and Converse. At one time, Nike also owned Bauer Hockey and Starter.

Nike Shoes continue to be popular today among professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those just looking for a comfortable and attractive pair of sneakers. For more information on where to find cheap Nike shoes [http://www.cheapshoesandsneakers.com] online, visit Cheap Shoes and Sneakers [http://www.cheapshoesandsneakers.com] today.

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Koloa Surf Custom Graphic Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirts in Regular, Big and Tall

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Koloa Surf t shirts offer throwback Mens t shirts that they remember and love from the days when they wore vintage t shirts and surf tees while dreaming of the ocean. Those days don’t have to be behind you. Check out the Koloa surf shirt and find what is sure to become one of your new favorite surf tees. Koloa carries classic t shirts and vintage graphic tees in a broad assortment of colors and designs. From our Classic Wave logo to the always popular Thruster Surfboards design, when you browse our men’s graphic vintage tees, don’t be surprised if old memories of great times are brought back to mind. See what customers have to say: I really like the Joe’s USA shirts these guys use as a base shirt, I really Like the 100% mid to mid-heavy weight cotton, I love the Koloa Brand and logos that are coming out (Very cool surf co.), and I love the price even more. Koloa is a dope surf company that’s up n’ coming and on the right track getting their name and product out there (along with decent pricing and quality). The fit I’d say is true to size, however, it is 100% cotton and may need a little stretch or two out of the dryer (no big deal honestly), this is a mid weight cotton (so an “old school” t-shirt feel), the colors don’t fade too quick, and the styling isn’t to austere or too over the top either. Overall great shirt

Koloa Surf Classic Heavyweight 6.1-ounce, 100% cottonT-Shirts in Regular, Big and Tall Sizes. 100% soft spun cotton T Shirts in Regular, Big and Tall Sizes. A reliable choice for comfort, softness and durability. Koloa Surf(tm) Logos Proudly Printed in the U.S.A
Koloa Surf t shirts offer men the throwback t shirts that they remember and love from the days when they wore vintage t shirts and surf tees while dreaming of the ocean. Those days don’t have to be behind you. Check out the Koloa surf shirt and find what is sure to become one of your new favorite surf tees. Koloa carries classic t shirts and vintage graphic tees in a broad assortment of colors and designs.
1×1 rib knit collar. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping.Coverseamed neck
Coverseamed neck. Double-needle sleeves and hem.
Ash is 98/2 cotton/poly. Athletic Heather is 90/10 cotton/poly. Dark Heather Grey is 50/50 cotton/poly. Koloa Surf(tm) Logo Printed on Shirt

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Under Armour Youth Resistor 3.0 No Show Socks, 6 Pairs

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Six pair pack. No sock sock sits below the ankle. ArmourBlock technology helps hinder the growth of odor causing bacteria. Strategic cushioning absorbs impacting shock. Y heel stitching. True Seamless Toe for enhanced comfort. 97 percent polyester, 2 percent spandex, 1 percent nylon. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Imported.

dynamic arch support helps reduce foot fatigue
half cushion construction
material wicks sweat and dries fast
anti-odor technology helps prevent odor in the sock

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Nike Women’s Heritage86 Futura Classic Cap

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Classic and comfortable, theNIKE Women’s Heritage86 Futura Classic Cap features a 6-panel design made from cotton twill fabric and an adjustable closure for a snug, secure fit.

Cotton twill fabric is soft and comfortable
6-panel design and curved bill for a classic look
Back closure provides an adjustable fit
Embroidered eyelets enhance ventilation

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