A Case for Nike Shoes

There are many reasons to like Nike shoes, but brand recognition is one of the most important considerations for young people. It remains to be seen whether these considerations are indeed reasonable. The bottom line is that it is possible to find perfectly presentable shoes that are not going to cause long term damage to your feet. It is also possible to keep yourself at the highest levels of the fashion stakes with these shoes. There is something casual and yet sophisticated about the Nike brand. Of course within the class you will find some other interesting shoes such as those that come from the Adidas line. It is up to the consumer to get the shoes that best reflect their personality and priorities.

Why do we go for signature shoes?

The idea of the brand and specifically the designer brand has embedded within modern society with such alacrity that it seems impossible that there will ever be another alternative. People just have to accept the fact that we are now defined by brands and labels. On one hand some people consider this to be a social-economic phenomenon that is rooted in the need for the middle class to improve their lot. If you are in the lower middle class category then shoes can raise you to the upper middle class category. Of course the upper middle class really is a step towards the posh people at the top of the ladder. This continuous struggle for recognition has not been lost on the commercial world which is constantly working to ensure that its products broadly reflect the priorities of the customer base.

If you wish to escape your class setting using the Nike brand, then they are more than happy to assist you in this quest. This class distinction is not really clear because the shoes tend to use celebrities who have money but are not necessarily of the upper class. Therefore it is more a question of affluence than social class. Of course at a certain level within the societal structure, wearing snickers is not really the socially acceptable thing. The Queen of England would look rather silly in snickers and yet the vastly more powerful President of the United States of America is capable of wearing them without batting an eyelid. The challenge for the shoe makers is to find the qualities that appeal to members of the public and then ensure that these are part of the advertising campaign for shoes in general.

What about the quality?

In the quest to push brand identity, it is possible to lose the quality of the shoes in question. Nevertheless it is clear that the shoe makers are making efforts towards ensuring that the high prices charged are justified by the quality of the shoes on offer. For example some snickers have been developed with air lifters that increase the comfort levels for people who are in the middle of a bout of exercise. These are the things that complement the great brand recognition that has sustained the industry for a long time.

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